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T.E.A.M. is a non-profit behavioral health provider serving the cities of Baltimore and Hagerstown, MD. We aim to inspire, empower, and work with communities to alleviate poverty through education, mental, and physical wellness services. 







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In May 2009, T.E.A.M. was formed with the goal of providing a unique approach to the touchy topic of mental/behavioral health treatment.

Our staff treats each client or member as an individual, focusing on their personal interests and strengths before determining the areas that need improvement. While other programs may leave you feeling like a patient at a hospital or clinic, our promise is to be different.


Our Top 5 Goals are structured around the idea that wellness can be achieved through education, opportunity, community support, and healthy lifestyle choices. Over the next 2 years, we have set large but obtainable goals to help us provide the best possible opportunities to our clients. T.E.A.M. is more than just seeing a therapist or counselor, we build lasting relationships through community, recreation, compassion and care. 

Athletic Program
Vocational Program
Community Advocacy Program
Scholarship and Endowment Program

T.E.A.M has been managing services to children, families and individuals through web-based platforms and phone. 

The capacity to empower individuals through this unprecedented time continues each day with case management, mental health support, intake and referrals, through teleservices and virtual meetings!

We are monitoring the communications from public health officials and our leadership to make informed decisions for the safety and health of our clients & employees.


Professional Evaluations

Rehabilitation Assessments

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Individual Treatment Plans

Case Management

Community Support Groups

Substance Abuse Treatment

Counseling Services

Interactive Learning

Medication Management


Adolescent Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Adult Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

Substance Abuse Program

Recreation and play are important to us. We aim to get our clients into new environments that encourage social skills, positive interactions, and healthy lifestyle choices!

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