The Adolescent Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program is the most extensive program here at T.E.A.M., with over 200 members. The program is designed for children and adolescents ages 6-17 and incorporates the collaboration between the rehabilitation specialist and rehabilitation coordinator to promote positive behaviors while modifying maladaptive behaviors.

*Medicaid Accepted


Areas Addressed

Academic Achievement

Social Skills

Stress Management

Coping Skills

Independent Living Skills

Conflict Resolution

Anger Management

Team Building

Physical Fitness


Conditions Treated




Bipolar/Manic Depression

Substance Abuse



Personality Disorders and more

T.E.A.M. provides an array of activities that promote health education, physical fitness, and holistic well-being. We also offer various creative expression classes where our youth work on personal and group projects, learning to express themselves through art and leisure activities! In addition, our Rehabilitation Coordinators conduct service visits to engage clients in demonstrating goal-oriented behavior.
Our comprehensive mentoring program offers a hands-on approach to learning through innovative peer groups.  Clients are assigned to professional volunteers who have successfully overcome similar behavioral challenges.

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