Adult PRP

The Adult Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (P.R.P.) is the second-largest program at T.E.A.M. with over 100 active clients.  Services are provided to adults 18 and older. 

We achieve results in our community by going above and beyond serving as mentoring advocates in our community. We roll up our sleeves, get out into the community, and serve the people.

 both on and offsite and seek to provide with the proper skills and knowledge to live independently, manage symptoms, and maintain a job and a firm grip on life.


 *Medicaid Accepted


Relapse Prevention

Professional Evaluations

Counseling Services

Medication Management

Individual Treatment Plans

Money Management Skills

Substance Abuse Treatment

Obtaining and Maintaining Housing

Employment Assistance


Social Skills

Self Management

Substance Abuse Program

Assistance Obtaining Entitlements and Other Resources

Interactive Learning

Community Support Groups

Case Management

Incentives and Rewards

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