T.E.A.M DDA is not an ordinary provider. With entrepreneurship as our focus, we concentrate on finding each person’s unique skill set. Once identified, we assist each person in developing a plan to share their talents in a way that will benefit them and the world around them. As a subsidiary goal, T.E.A.M also seeks to maintain each person’s health and fitness goals to improve everyone’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

T.E.A.M’s mission is to empower people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to discover and conquer new abilities.

In partnership with people we support, our focus is on helping each person achieve their highest potential. To this end, T.E.A.M constantly challenges our communities to help create opportunities for people with disabilities to help develop, sharpen, and share their gifts with the world.


Areas of Services 

Community Development Services

Employment Services

Entrepreneurship Training

Day Habilitation

Health & Fitness

T.E.A.M stands firm in the belief that the communities in which we live and work should be accessible to each person, no matter what their special abilities are. To that end, T.E.A.M has established community meeting spots in various communities to allow the most integrated setting for each person we serve.

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